Keychopper Enabler!

Here is the Craigslist ad I mentioned in the earlier post (see my Royal Arrow post)

Reply to the keychopper enabler here

> ————————————————————————

I am searching for quite a few typewriter keys of various colors, styles.

Preferably glass (no plastic) and flat back without the thicker short stems. I will however take what I can get for a project I am working on.

I would also consider complete typewriters for the right price. Let me know what you have!

Thank you!

Location: Eugene it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Posting ID: 4157006373 Posted: 2013-10-28, 11:12AM PDT Updated: 2013-11-10, 1:16PM PST email to a friend

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and here is the email interaction I had with them.
This was my initial email

> ————————————————————————

SUBJECT: Keychopper!

As a typewriter enthusiast, I politely ask that you please only take keys from irrepairable typewriters.

The supply of manual typewriters are finite.

> ————————————————————————

and his response…

> ————————————————————————


I am also a typewriter enthusiast with many manual typewriters from a 1926 Underwood Portable to a Royal Quiet De Luxe.

So unless you are fully aware of what I am requesting, which is clearly typewriter keys not typewriters to “chop” up, I suggest you keep to yourself.

Thank you!

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> ————————————————————————

and my final reply. I must work harder to keep my snark in check.

> ————————————————————————

I was unaware that typewriter keys are available from other sources than typewriters. Where, oh, where could people be finding these keys?

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