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November 29, 2013 · 5:52 pm

4 responses to “The News

  1. Interesting news. I’m glad that you had a positive public-typing experience. I recently got a letter from a local librarian asking if I’d be interested in a public display myself. It’s definitely a worthwhile thing to do.

    Smith-Coronas have noisy returns anyway, but as I just found out when fixing up my chromed one, the return can sound particularly awful if the tabulator setting and clearing mechanism is at the wrong level and scrapes against the tab stops.

    I personally would not be very interested in the key project; I just don’t care much whether I can lock my cases.

  2. Bill M

    Welcome back!
    I had to check the date of your last post because I thought it could not be that long. I generally remove the blog links from blogs with 2 or more years of inactivity since my list is quite long. You’ve proven why I do not like to remove the links.
    My Smith-Coronas are all louder than most of my other machines.
    Great that you public typing has gone good and gotten more interest from the Librarian. Congratulations.

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