It’s been awhile…

It’s been awhile since I posted anything. It’s been a rough year, with far too much drama and angst to really get into.

National Novel Writing Month (NANOWRIMO) is starting up in a couple of weeks. I had been planning on selling some of my collection off but procrastination is my tragic flaw.

I’m planning on selling:

A Royal Arrow, converted into a USB Keyboard. It is still a fully functional typewriter, but you can plug in tablets, ipads, ipad minis, newer smartphones and computers.

An original Royal Portable in black, also converted into a USB keyboard. A beautiful model.

A Montgomery Ward Signature 440T. An all plastic body typewriter that is lightweight and a solid typer. This one has an Elite typeface.

Possibly some Smith Coronas. I was thinking of a Silent, a Sterling, and maybe a Cursive Classic 12.

I’ve got several Royal Portable Woodies, and might be selling one or two of them.

Here is the Signature 440T… I was thinking of asking $75






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2 responses to “It’s been awhile…

  1. That is a cute little Signature.

  2. and another year has passed. How’d Nano 2015 go? (:

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