Gah!  I gotta stop buying typewriters!!

I start to write and get back into cleaning my typewriter collection and the next thing you know, I’ve bought two more.  
I acquired a Tower Attache with its beautiful briefcase (basically a Skywriter).  I was amazed at how well the Tower types.  I have an Adler Tippa 5, a MonkeyWard 440, and two S&C Super Ghia models, and the Tower is the best typing ultra-portable in my collection.

I went to see if I could get a standard Skywriter cover to work for it, when I don’t want to lug a briefcase along with me.  Ace Typewriter had one, but unfortunately, I would need to replace the knobs and carriage return lever to get it to work.

So, I did the next best thing. I bought a Skywriter off of EBay just a few minutes ago from someone here in Portland.  It should fit into the attache/briefcase just like the Tower does, and I’ll have the original metal cover.

I’m still trying to decide what I should use as my daily typer.  Something I can lug around in Portland’s misty rain, leave in my car, not worry about using in a coffeehouse and/or bars.  I’ve been using a tan/green Smith Corona Silent.  

It types great and I can get a good speed going on it, but I think it’s fairly ugly and heavy to lug around.

If I’m going to carry something heavy, I was thinking about using my S&C Tuxedo Silent.  It looks far classier, types just as well (if not better) than my tan model, and is far far quieter.



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5 responses to “Gah!  I gotta stop buying typewriters!!

  1. A Tippa S… Montgomery Ward…. were you being silly or do you not know?

  2. I think it’s a good idea to try out various models and decide which ones you like best. You can always put the unwanted ones back on the market. Happy typing!

  3. I know exactly how you feel! 😉

  4. Bill M

    HA! I’ve not heard Monkey Ward for ages. I think more people around where I grew up called it that than Montgomery Ward. Kind of like Wallyworld. Anyway, once bitten by the typewriter bug I find it very difficult not to let them follow me home. I thin them out by the more common ones I do not use.

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